Current Projects

This is the list of my current projects. If you’re interested in partnering on any, or if you have an idea for your own project, send me an email! They don’t have to be the next Facebook, I’m looking for any projects that can provide a side income.

I deal only in equity-sharing agreements. My specialties are solution architecture, rapid web prototyping (my undergrad is in Computer Science), and back-office business roles (I have an MBA as well). Typically, I’m looking for partners to help with community building.



Online games from a simpler time, and a social network to boot!

Status: Beta Testing

Looking For Partner(s): Game Developer, Community Developer



Connecting hobby and small farms that need help, with farmers who can help, for free

Status: Alpha Testing

Looking For Partner(s): Customer Acquisition/Advocate



Credits/Coins-as-a-Service. Enabling independant app and game developers to collect payments without the stress

Status: Proof-of-Concept

Looking For Partner(s): Payments Processing, Customer Acquisition


LetsGTG is your social life assistant! Easily create an event for your friends to attend, or find a time to spend with someone you haven’t seen in forever!

Status: Proof-of-Concept

Looking For Partner(s): Customer Acquisition/Advocate, iOS/Android Developer